Friday, April 11, 2008

Cirque du Soleil

Too many good pics for me to only pick 3 so here's 5:

Bunni-Lynn Betts
Katelyn Hicks
Tara Audibert

Juan Manuel Buenrostro

Elise Boudreau


Tara said...

Hello Drawing Jammers, There is a huge lack of comments & critiques on this board. You should be helping each other out to improve. So if you are reading this you better put some comments on here! and this isn't the mutual admiration club, it is good to say when people have done a good job, but you will be more help if you tell them how they can improve next time!

Tania said...

But I don't like critiquing... (If that's actually a word.)

Hmm.. I really have nothing to say about these and I shouldn't since I haven't done mine yet.

At least I commented. ;p