Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YOURSELF in renaissance times ;)

Draw yourself as a character from renaissance times.

Please use reference & post
your reference pic with the drawing.

Optional: Pick a style of your own
choosing & add that to your post as well.

Some pics to start from Ever After and a Renaissance Fair:

Brad Lamey

Laura Charlton

Style (Justice League)


Tara Audibert

Hopefully you can tell my reference Pic ;)
Travis G

Reference Photo from Brotherhood of The Wolf!

Niguel Richard

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NBCC T-Shirt Contest

1st Annual NBCC T-Shirt Contest

Design a Student T-shirt for NBCC (all NBCC's, Not just Miramichi)

These t-shirts will be used
as promotional devices
to be handed out at
events such as
Student for a Day or Orientation


  • Submissions should be fully rendered as they will appear on the shirt
  • Drawings will count towards Drawing Jam requirement
  • Two designs:

    • One for students right out of High School,

    • One for a more general conservative group (our average age is 25)

    Final Designs can be submitted:

    sending a "pdf" to or

    Prizes will be awarded (t-shirts) ! Plus all the glory of knowing that their design will be worn all over NB.

Some great t-shirt designs on Threadless check them out to
start the creative juices flowing!

Submit Here (For Drawing Jam) & to Scott Hicks for Contest
Brad Lamey
Shirt #1

Shirt #2

Shirt #3

Shirt #4

Shirt #5

Shirt #6


Laura Charlton

Jen Babineau
Shirt #1

Shirt #2

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Let hear it for the JOUST!
Since we're doing horses, let's try a style
keeping in line with



Travis G

Melody Sheffroth


Laura Charlton


Elise Boudreau

David Daley


Kristie Nutter


Eva B

Jess Ruff ^__^

Melody Sheffroth
Jeff Doucet

Troy Sweet

David Daley

Jessica Goguen

Jessica Goguen (Again)

Andrew Melanson
Niguel Richard

Stephanie Basque