Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YOURSELF in renaissance times ;)

Draw yourself as a character from renaissance times.

Please use reference & post
your reference pic with the drawing.

Optional: Pick a style of your own
choosing & add that to your post as well.

Some pics to start from Ever After and a Renaissance Fair:

Brad Lamey

Laura Charlton

Style (Justice League)


Tara Audibert

Hopefully you can tell my reference Pic ;)
Travis G

Reference Photo from Brotherhood of The Wolf!

Niguel Richard


Tara said...

Hilarious Brad & Laura! Good work Jeremie!

Tara said...

Wait a minute Jeremie...Is that you and Rebecca??? Hilarious! haha

Jeremie said...

Yes that's supposed to be Rebecca's everyday morning ritual. Put our armor on, then torture me.

Anonymous said...

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Freux said...

Woah. Spam incoming! Haha.