Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's Welcome the New Term with a Tom ;)

Poser: Tom Green

Style: Scott Pilgrim

Tara Audibert

Jill Fogarty!




Brian Lamey


Jesse Hefling


Brandon Hunter

Jerred Isaac


Alex Branch


Aggie Flam


Jessica Goguen


Travis Green said...

Good god, he looks a lot like Andrew. I think he'll go good with the style though.

Jill Fogarty said...

Hey Tara! I drew Tom... when are we able to post? Keener? Who said that!

geekbot said...

I just finished mine too. Can't wait to see everyone else's!

B said...

JF, I think yours is a perfect balance of BL O'Malley's style and Tom Green-ness.