Tuesday, December 7, 2010

YOURSELF in your favorite style

No photos for reference for this week.
Draw yourself in the style of your favorite cartoon.
Imagine if you were a guest character
on the show/film of your choice.

Eva B
Kim Possible (/fail!)

Disney's Atlantis

Brandon Hunter

Jesse Hefling

Jesse The Hedgehog

Reference Image
Earthworm Jesse
Travis G.

(Cloudy With Meatballs)
Alex Branch

Andrea Joe - Neopets

Laura Embleton - Venture Bros style

Troy Sweet - Venture Bros. Style_____________________
Jerred Isaac

Mangaverse style

Troy Sweet - Tiny Titans style


Jeremie said...

I really like the tiny titans one troy

Aggie Flam said...

hey Troy...is that you! ;P