Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tara Belly Star

Hey guys! Chrissi here. Just thought
I'd show off my GEE-OR-JUSS sister, Tara,
in all of her belly-dancin' beauty! Happy drawing!

(PS - she's going to be looking at these!)

(She'd like you guys to see this video!)

And, to keep with the theme, the style will be Sita Sings the Blues!

Chrissi Harper

Brian Lamey


Tara Audibert-Instructor

Eva Blaquiere

Nancy Martin


Katie Judson


Jen Babineau

Elise Boudreau

Laura Embleton


Samantha Branch


Kristie said...

This one looked fun so I tried also :)

tarastar said...

Yaaa! Nice draaarrrring! It's me with juicy gams! Thanks so much! xo Tara

mitch said...

Chrissi, your sister is hawt.

Peter said...

wow wow wow wow! thanks! this is so beautiful! are you on Facebook? would you friend me and post it? xo Tara Harper

tarastar said...

Ha Ha. the comment above is from me Tara, i forgot to sign out of my hubby's account.

Kristie said...

@ Tara
Sure thing, friend request sent.