Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sir Anthony Hopkins on Total Drama Island?

Lets Start off the year in fine company:
Sir Anthony Hopkins

Total Drama Island

Nancy Martin

Jacelyn McLenaghan
Amanda Hildisheim


Jill Fogarty

Jesse Hefling

Whos' is THIS?? "Anonymous" will be getting someones marks yet again!
That dude has quite the collection of works!

Samantha Branch

Tara Audibert-Moderator
Brandon Hunter
Ryan McCaffwerty


Kelly Hay-Hambrook
Tomas Patlan


James Williston


Meghan McBride


Peter Delahunty

Mitch Olsen


Phil hache

Alex Branch


Tara said...

Awesome work everyone! Welcome Amanda! Your 1st Post! Félicitations! Nancy-Very nice sketchy work! Love the red eyes & color theory ;)
Jacelyn-very pensive and contemplative, nice calm colors fit the content
Sam & Jill all works are very illustrative! works well with the feel of the peices
Jesse-What can I say! hilarious!

Tara said...

Feel free to comment and critique each other's works, it is the only way to improve/ and or know you are headed in the right direction. ;)

Tara said...

Brandon, Very nice, I like the no lines, you can think about using a lighter or darker fill to show the difference between object on top of each other which are the same color like for the hand OR you can also make the hand a slightly different hue (this will only work for illos though not if you were animating) ;)

Tara said...

Ryan, Kelly, Tomas WELCOME!!! Great to see your work! Nice job all 3 of you with the likeness of Sir Anthony! The easiest way to show foreshortening is through exaggeration. By making the hand MUCH larger it appears to be coming towards us, also in the reference we don't see his upper arm, so we need to figure out how to make that look correct through overlapping.