Friday, February 22, 2008

White Stripes!!!! whoooo hoooo

Tara Audibert
Juan Manual BeunrostroTJ Bragg

Tania Valdron
Tara Audibert


Tara said...

Excellent work Oso, these look really great! nice caricaturing!

T.J. Bragg said...

Cute work Tara, and Oso's look awesome, as per the norm from him.

Tara said...

Very awesome interpretations TJ, I like the not coffee cup one the best, but damn I remember when that coffee cup was in the band, keyboards, she was awesome and caffeinated hmmmmmmm, the WS haven't been the same since :(

Tara said...

man you have very diverse styles TJ! great work!

Tim said...

Man, TJ went nuts on this one. Sweet work. Oso's is just as awesome, Especially his trademark uses of Black Vs. White.