Saturday, March 8, 2008

All the way from Bollywood-Aishwarya Rai

TJ Bragg
Tania Valdron
Laura Blackbeard
Tara Audibert
Katelynn Hicks
Bunni-Lynn Betts
Katelyn Stetson
Dave Polley
Alex Molloy


Tara said...

I think she thinks her left side is her "good' side :)

Tim said...

Hi Tara! I'm maybe, probably going to submit one this time! If you want to add my link into the section of names, it's

Long name. I couldnt think of anything.

Tara said...

Consider it added Tim :)

Ryan Cole said...

Psh, Drawing Jams. Yet none of you have actually produced a single sketch of a can of cranberries. FOR SHAAAME!

I prefer Drawing Jellies anyway.

Laura Blackbeard said...

For the next one Tara, we should do Bill Kaulitz :D super effeminate awesome man!! ahaha

Tara said...

Well Laura I have 2 words for you "HA" & "OT"! sounds good! I will find some cool picks of him! Awesome A. Rai drawing, and Tania's as well! great work gals!

Tara said...

I checked Ryan's blog and narry a Jelly, Jam or anything that had to do with fruit........hmmmmmmm

T.J. Bragg said...

his-ware-house-is-us work guys.

ryan cole is a can of cranberries!

and my blog is

Ryan Cole said...

Th-there's jellies there!

It's in the context...

Tara said...

Great work Bunni & Chib!