Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sketch It

This is a little game of silly creativity. Directions! 

1. Save the image.
2. Open the file up in Flash or Photoshop.
3. Make a picture based off the image!

The goal is to have fun and make a drawing based off these few lines. The fun comes from limitation, but you can erase parts, scale, rotate or do whatever to get your picture. Have fun :D

Jesse Hefling


Ryan McCafferty

Josie Cable-Russell

Roxanne Thomas

(A quick sketch)
"Gwasshopper, take da pebbol fwom my hand" by Aggie Flam

It's Squib!!

by Phil Haché


Nancy Martin said...

AWESOME folks!!! I love the funky little dude Aggie, and the crazy beasts Roxanne

Nancy Martin said...

Bah...I'm actually Jesse -_- but I do look like Nancy from this distance

Jesse Hefling said...

Phil! That's hilarious!