Monday, April 23, 2012

Jack Black Training Dragons

In The style of "How to Train Your Dragon"
Concept art found here:

Long Nguyen


Ryan McCafferty

Brian Lamey
Amanda HILDISHEIM yay!

Nancy Martin
Jill Fogarty

Meghan McBride


Kelly Hay-Hambrook

Julia Dickson

Josie Cable-Russell
Jacelyn McLenaghan

Mitchell Olsen

James Williston

Peter Delahunty


Jill Fogarty said...

Brian! Great use of markers! The tonals look really strong. You're really great with them. All the practice is really showing! It's making me want to practice, too! (So thank you!)
(Since we are supposed to say something constructive too...) Maybe next time you could crop out the sketchbook? Unless you like that look. It didn't stand out to me right away, so it's not bad, but it may come off as lazy in the not cropping your image area? I can't think of anything constructive to say about your image itself, though, it looks awesome.

Nancy! I love the colours you picked for your image. Leaving the red lines in gives the drawing a very warm look to it. It looks fresh and appealing in a sketchy/finished way. It's interesting to combine rough with clean and it works really well here. I love the cartoony style you went with. He really looks like he has bulk, and I remember catching a glimpse of it while it was still in your sketchbook and it caught my eye then, too.

For something that could be improved on if you ever did another one? The angle of his right (our left) hand is kind of strange. Maybe draw it so it is more 3/4 than straight at us? That is SUPER nit-picky though. I had to stare at the drawing a really long time to even come up with that!

I'm really impressed with the first years' stuff!! You guys rock. Great work, especially seeing as this is the first couple of weeks using flash! Super awesome!

Brain said...

Hey Jill! I do kinda like the sketchbook look, but you're right it's cleaner without. I feel the drawing jams are a chance to experiment and try new things.

I really like your contributions lately. The rosy look you gave to Angelina Jolie is really nice. Really cool effect.

Nancy, your Viking looks amazing. Really great use of style and rough lines. If we have to offer critiques then maybe clean up the lines. but honestly? I wouldn't touch it a bit, it's beautiful.

Amanda, you have been using a cool sketchy style in Flash I haven't seen you do before. You usually have a clean, thick black line. It is awesome to see you experiment. I dig your work.

Amenduh said...

Thanks Brian!
I always try to experiment other style's.

I really like the sketchy feeling of your character. I also like how you stick with the style Tara use for the drawing jam. Plus adding that thick line makes it pop out more of the page. I like it lots.

Nice use of colour theory and nice body weight.

I really like how your drawing jam looks cubist.

Meghan McBride said...

Hey Amanda! I love your Jack Black drawing Jam, it's so well done and it looks just like him! Very nice style, and colors too! :D
And Everyone else did an awesome job as well! They all turned out really great!

Amenduh said...


I would like to add... Julia I really like the warm analogous you used on Jack Black. Especially, the pink it really pops out the character. Now! I would like to say be careful with the style. The hand doesn't match with the style you use for the face.

Josie Cable-Russell said...

I really like the style you chose Kelly, But I think if you maybe fixed up your hand a bit it would look really psychedelic, Awesome job though!

Nancy Martin said...

Jill! I really like your nacho Libre. It's very close to the style, with the color and the mustach is Hilarious!