Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Angelina Jo-lina raising some Hell-boy!

In the Style of Hellboy Animated


Ryan McCafferty

Jill Fogarty

Long Nguyen

Amanda Hildisheim


Julia Dickson


Josie Cable-Russell

Meghan McBride

Tara Audibert

Kelly Hay-Hambrook
(Giving homage to Peter D for the red lips!!)

Brain Lamey

Mitchell Olsen

James Williston

Peter Delahunty


Amenduh said...

Hey Jill,
MAN I love the style you use for Angelina Jo-lina It's amazing. The lines are very constructive and you don't ever have a black line in there. It's nice.

But her boobs are a bit to pink on the top.

Jill Fogarty said...

Thanks, Amanda! I agree with you about the pink top boob comment! I would like to go back in and spend another hour or so on the piece, but time is scarce!! XD

I love the angles on your piece! I'd like to see you go in and add some shadows, too! =) I love the look on her face, and the way you did her hair adds a lot of interest.

Julia! I love the colours you chose! It makes the whole drawing feel like it could be pop art! It makes it even more interesting than using plain ol normal colours. It might be interesting if you went in with another shade of the teal! Maybe for pupils or something! Looks great!

Ryan, I really like the shading you did on your Angelina! The tones you chose were a good pick! I think you could make her neck a little longer, it could add a better silhouette if we could see her chin away from her shoulder. Great silhouette with the rest of her, though! Awesome work!

Long, I love the style you went with for your drawing! If you go back in and colour it, it can make a strong illustration for your portfolio next year!


Thanks Jill! Going back and looking at it now I really see what you mean with the darker shade of aquamarine. Thanks for the suggestion.

Amanda, I love yours -- the sharp corners make it super duper awesome.


Amenduh said...

Thanks Jill & Julia ;D
I appreciate your comments and critiques.

WOW Tara... I love the background you add on Angelina. It really pop's out the long legs.

I must agree with Jill with your colour theory Julia. It's very retro. I like it

Nancy Martin said...

Jill I really like the gradient you used in flash. It looks very nice, very dimentional! It makes a nice shine.

Brian I really like your Angelina. If I were you I would post the two drawing you did on the page seperate though. Very sexy~