Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Old drawing jams!

If you're drawing something from a previous drawing jam, toss it up right here. :)

Aggie Flam

Jill Fogarty


Julia Dickson


Jacelyn McLenaghan
(Cher + Sketch It)

Phil Haché
(Lucy Lawless)
PowerPuff Guy Me
Jamie H, Awww yea!
That start with a shape drawing jam. 
Jesse Hefling
Nancy Martin
Emily Stride

Alex Branch

Samantha Branch

Powerpuff Girl - Me

Angelina Jolie- Tomb Raider

Jack Black- The Pick of Destiny


Jesse Hefling said...

Everyone's are amazing! I really like Emily's Lucy Lawless, and Jacelyn's little fighter dude! I love Julia's Betty White too!

Jacelyn McLenaghan said...

Thanks, Jesse! (Just so you know, I got this big stupid grin on my face when I seen your MythBusters one! They look awesome.)

Jill, the rhythm in your "Cirque" entry is fantastic. I also really dug the bubbly background. It seems to fit the theme really well! A bit nit-picky, but I think if you lowered the saturation a bit on the skin colour to match the pink of the background, the colours would flow a bit better. And on the note of colouring, I really like the painted-like style you gave it! Awesome work ♥

James Williston said...

These ones were particularly good, I really like Jesse's pictures, especially the Alien one that uses various colors for tone.

Nancy's bubble picture is also very appealing, a simple background texture really makes it stand out.

Samantha Branch said...

Wow, everybody has grown so much in the past 2- 3 years. Everybody has very impressive work. Keep it up guys!

Samantha Branch said...

Now with that last comment said I have a bit of a critique but for my own work I guess. I didn't focus on my drawing jams this term so there is a lot to fix up. Maybe adding in some color woud've helped out at least so it didn't look so bland.

I really like some of the choice of color used in the above pictures, it's inspirational for future work.

Samantha Branch said...