Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunny Philly with a touch of Blair

In the Style of Mary Blair

Jill Fogarty


Amanda Hildisheim


Long Nguyen


Jacelyn McLenaghan


Meghan McBride

Mitchell Olsen 


Ryan McCafferty

Reuben Isaac


Brain said...

Your lines are really clean, Jill. I like the colour theory lots, too!

Jacelyn McLenaghan said...

Jill!! I love your take on this one! ♥ The style you used looks fantastic!

Josie Cable-Russell said...

Awesome style Amanda, I really like the color as well! You seem to nail the style.


OMG Long that looks amazing! One thing I'd change is the way his left eye is a little bit droopy compared to the other, though. Just a little editing should fix that though! Good job, man.

Jill Fogarty said...

Jacelyn! I love that image!! Haha There is a lot of life in it! =) I think it is one of your best for conveying a strong emotion! Well done!!

Jesse Hefling said...

WOW! Nice job getting the Mac face down Meghan, the color looks nice and textured too

James Williston said...

If Amanda gave his hair some shading as well then it would really help the picture, since everything else has shading.

Pete James said...

Jill - I really love hor your shapes really took an essence of Mary Blair. Great job!