Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last Drawing Jam of the Year

  Claudia Black (Farscape & Stargate)

In the Style of Treasure Planet
Josie Cable-Russell

Phil Hache

Brian Lamey

Emily Stride

Meghan McBride


Mitchell Olsen


Ryan McCafferty

Laura Embleton


FromConcentrate said...

Great Job Meghan! One Suggestion would be to use a softer shadow around the mouth where the creases are or to remove them altogether! This it will make her appear younger instead of much older then she appears in the original photo.

Aggie Flam said...

Hey Brian,

Love the girl with the gun. Good depth of colour and colour grouping.

One suggestion would be to change the background colour from Black to a greyed-out complement colour. It would be easier to see the dark areas of the character.

Looks great!